Here is a glimpse of some of the letters and e-mail Sally gets from young readers–and sometimes their parents.

(original spelling)

“You are my insperation.”

“I emailed you last year and your response back made me have joy through out my body.”

“I love how you write i am from south america paraguay.”

“I hate read... but this book is cool : ) ”

“Yu make the story come to life you rock.”

“No other book has come close to as good as this book was!!”

“Ever since I read this book i feel like a real person.”

“i am at chapter 7 and it is REALLY good, and i’m not joking.”

“I loved your book! I read it and I was so moved that I decided to use it for my essay as the book that changed my outlook on life.”

“This book helped me realize what hurt most.”

“I think he related to a lot of things that EllRay said, for a while he slept with the books in his bed.”

“I got up early And read it for two hours.”

“Keep writing books because they touch the hearts of so many people!”

“Thank you very much for giving the world Teachings.”

“I’m glad somebody knows the trou me.”