“Warner is one of the most emotionally honest authors of adolescent fiction writing today." -Children's Literature

Here’s Sally Warner’s latest book,
EllRay Jakes the Recess King!

It’s the eighth book in the series and a Junior Library Guild selection.

Viking Books

Viking Books

There's a new king on the playground!

Eight-year-old EllRay is down to one-and-a-half best friends, which leads his little sister to point out the obvious: he needs new friends. A spare, at least. For emergencies. So EllRay decides to audition other boys for the role of Spare Best Friend.

EllRay’s class is brimming with possibilities, but no one seems to share his interests. But EllRay isn’t worried – he can fix any problems once he gets to know each kid. And the only way to get to know them is to come up with fun things to do at recess. When he’s the Recess King, everyone will want to be his friend!

With an ear for spot-on kid dialogue, Sally Warner explores the topic of shifting friendships in a fresh (and funny!) way.

Coming Soon — the Alfie Jakes series.